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How much practice, how many hours do I need for confidence?

Obviously, it depends on individual abilities, but generally speaking, after 3-5 hours of instruction, the proper sense of balance is developed, and one can gradually start riding the OneWheel, whether it's off-road or in the city.


Should I be afraid of falling? Do we fall harder than with a skateboard?

First of all, fear and falling are natural in any sport. Fear transforms into knowledge through learning - we know how to fall and how to do it safely. Falling is inevitable. The severity of falls depends on the type of usage, but during our lessons, we will teach you how to fall - what to pay attention to and how to protect yourself from major falls. Our lessons are always tailored to individual needs and skill levels. In case of purchasing a pass, we also provide personalized training plans.


How much can it handle?

It varies. It depends on usage and body weight. Generally speaking, the OneWheels available for sale and rent with us have a range of around 30 km (18.6 miles)! But don't worry! After 30 km, you'll probably be ready for a refreshment! In the meantime, the OneWheel is charging! It can be charged with electricity or solar power 😊


Which way can we go with it?

The answer is simple: wherever your heart desires! The OneWheels are specifically designed to provide an enjoyable experience both in the forest and in the city. Initially, we recommend exploring forest trails where the terrain is softer and there is less traffic. This way, you will gain more confidence on the OneWheel, and then the world is yours to explore.


How should I get started?

Simply come to us for lessons! Sign up here! But if you prefer to try it on your own, pay attention to a few things. After turning it on, give the board a slight push - if it feels stable, you're ready to ride and can step on it. If it rolls easily without your weight, it's not active yet, so don't step on it! And what else should you pay attention to? Wear a helmet and protective gear (wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads)!"

Are you only located in Budapest?

No! We feel at home in the world! You can choose from our lists or we can come up with travel destinations together, and if you're longing for the experience abroad, we are there for you as well!

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