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About us

OneFeel is born out of a childhood desire, the love for movement and sports from ages 0

to 99.

And who are we?

Máté Major and Zsolti Tatár: We are the enthusiasts of experiences, laughter, smiles, and happiness since our childhood. We believe that anything that produces endorphins in our bodies is a form of love. We are the ones who make the most out of our days on land, water, and in the air. In winter, it's all about mountains, skiing, and snowboarding. From spring to autumn, you can find us in Portugal, surfing the waves, or skating around the city on skateboards, one wheels, or even climbing mountain peaks during summer. The goal is clear: to live every moment to the fullest.


We aim to share this feeling with everyone who chooses us. To impart the taste of freedom, the invigorating power of an active lifestyle on both the body and soul.


The OneWheel is an electric skateboard designed and manufactured in California, offering its users the feeling of surfing. Whether it's commuting to work or school, meeting friends in the evening, or going on weekend adventures in the woods, the OneWheel is the best choice for eco-conscious yet thrilling and unique transportation.

The birth of OneWheels takes place in the United States, ensuring higher added value – everything from design to manufacturing and packaging is done locally!

Come and try it with us – hop on, smile, and fall in love! What will you feel? That you are free, leaving all your worries behind and soaring through the air!

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